Benefits of EnergyGuard Spray Foam Insulation


Ironically, saving money on your heating and cooling costs really has very little to do with your HVAC system. Our spray foam insulation promises to keep you cool, while reducing your total climate control costs by as much as 50%.

Sound Transmission

Spray foam insulation has the advanced ability to both absorb sound waves and reduce any rogue sound transmissions.

Air Quality

Spray foam insulation eliminates virtually all fungus and mold, creating fresher air.

Air Conditioning

EnergyGuard spray foam insulation fills thejoints and crevices in the wall assemblies keeping your climate-controlled air where you want it, while reducing the tonnage requirement to cool and heat your home


No one likes dust, but did you realize how instrumental insulation was in controlling it? EnergyGuard spray foam insulation has been proven to significantly reduce dust accumulation.


EnergyGuard spray foam insulation is built to last with a Lifetime Manufacturers’ Warranty.

Simply, EnergyGuard Foam Insulation is the best product on the market at the most competitive rate.